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Leap to Philanthropy

Philanthropy is a unique way to connect with something, someone or a cause, much bigger than

yourself, for an outcome outweighing the satisfaction of your own personal benefit. Fundraising

is a great example, something that has potential for instant gratification and emotional

satisfaction but in the end the service is much greater. Females Aiding through Mentorship has

been an amazing outlet for woman of all ages to do just that, reach within themselves and ignite

that fire inside that will fuel a want to do more and give back to those less fortunate in a way that lasts, mentoring woman through difficult and trying times and teaching them to put that energy into something good.

Executing a large fundraising event was something I had dreamed of

doing, for many different causes, but never made the leap until 2018. Giving all my educational,

personal and emotional energy to a cause that I knew I could make a substantial difference in

was intriguing, inspiring and a new unknown territory with so much potential. Philanthropy is

more than difficult in it’s own ways as well, getting necessary donations and investments to kick

off the promotion and branding for the event, involvement, consistency and motivation. It was

difficult trying to instill that same passion and grit in those around you, who don’t see the bigger

picture, or need a more physical interaction with the foundation or project, which is Project

Genesis’ case is difficult unless you go to Guatemala and see the immense, beautiful change

we can have from afar. I had all the support of my fellow volunteers and most importantly the

founder, Meghan, who believed in me and my efforts and could see that light at the end of the

tunnel with me. We worked tirelessly to promote the fundraiser at surrounding establishments, I

even went on the local news to spread the word! We had a productive attendance, substantial

raffle money contributions, anonymous donors online, in person and after the event for a grand

total exceeding our expectations by a long shot!

This fundraising event was able to fund Project Genesis' bus to and from the project, saving the children a gruesome walk a mile to and from

the project. I couldn’t have had the confidence, motivation and fire in my soul if it weren’t for

Females Aiding Through Mentorship giving me the tools, passion and support.

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