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Erica Gattozzi
FAM Volunteer since 2015

Fam Foundation has been an amazing outlet for myself and woman of all ages, caliber and location to thrive, grow and spread knowledge. I have transitioned through college to adult life, the foundation still being a constant in my life. Working closely with the foundation, doing a brand promotion campaign and creating a fundraising event was a life changing experience, teaching me what non profit really entails and how satisfying it feels to fundraise and be apart of something much bigger than myself. 

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Stacey King
FAM Volunteer since 2018

Why do I enjoy volunteering & working charity events? It’s quite simple, really. I feel that a lot of us take our situations in life for granted. Stepping outside of our own life, bubble, financial situation and seeing how blessed most of us really are is a huge eye opener. When opportunities present themselves to get involved in a non-profit, charity event, volunteering or fundraising for a cause- we all should jump on these opportunities. Knowing you’ve helped make a huge difference simply by showing up and doing what we love, is more gratifying than any amount of money we could have earned in those few hours, days, Etc. I’d rather leave an event or outing knowing I’ve made a difference than leave with a pocket full of cash. Knowing I’ve had a hand in making someone’s life better is absolutely gratifying and life altering. Love thy neighbor. No matter how close or far that neighbor may be. Seeing the bigger picture and being a part of the betterment of said picture, is more rewarding and heart filling than I could put into words. Thank you to FAM for everything y’all represent and everything we get to be a part of! 

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Brittany Lopatic
FAM Volunteer since 2018

The FAM Foundation has opened my eyes to something so much bigger than myself. From Folds of Honor events, to raising money for a young woman's cancer treatment, to volunteering with Project Genesis; I have listened to so many incredible stories from those benefited from our charity. These are people who have overcame incredible obstacles, and just by us taking one day out of our lives to focus on others: we have been able to help them. We spend our lives rushing to get to the next thing, instead of pausing and focusing on what truly matters. I have gained a whole new perspective on life and hard work, and I couldn't be more grateful for FAM.

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Christina Pajaro
FAM Volunteer since 2019

The FAM Foundation has introduced me to so many inspiring women. My number one favorite part about working events with Folds of Honor, through FAM, is that I get to speak with so many volunteers who have been touched by this charity. I love networking with not only the golfers at these events, but the family of the fallen veterans who have gotten to pursue their education, thanks to FOH.

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