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Breaking the Silence: Why Every Voice Matters

This week we decided to get a little uncomfortable. In the wake of the recent Black Lives Matter in America, we wanted to stop, reflect, research and dive into some conversation around this pivotal time in history for human rights.On our podcast this week we invited life and style blogger Alexis Bennett and NYC actress Emily Brockway onto our show to have an open, honest discussion around the current racist climate in America. Alexis Bennett, a daughter to a Mexican mom and black father, gives us some delicate advice on what NOT to say to a biracial person of color, like, "What are you?" She gracefully shares some of her own stories of her background growing up.

We also spoke with Emily Brockway, a regular advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and human equality in general, but also a woman that was raised in a home of the deep south, rooted in conservatism and racial bias. Emily also gave us a first hand account of the protests happening in both NYC and on the ground in Minneapolis.

Our goal is not to be groundbreaking or provide revolutionary information in the wake of protests erupting worldwide, but to open a conversation and address both our negligence and failure to recognize our white privilege for a very long time. We may not have everything exactly right, we may not always say the right things or enough, but the important thing is to keep moving forward, into a direction of both enlightenment and awareness. During this time we must offer support, standing in solidarity with black men and women- those oppressed by an unjust system painted with a depressing history of the failure to treat all humans with compassion and equality. We fear many young women are currently taking no action at this point due to being frozen with fear over saying the wrong thing; not posting the right thing to their social media, posting too much, not posting enough, worried they may offend those they are genuinely wishing to help. We want to encourage all of our young women on our team and in our network that there is no wrong action except inaction and complacency. We believe you can always start with some "inward" renovation to educate oneself and have listed the references below in hopes to gain momentum to a more empathic understanding and diligence. We hope our vulnerable conversations and confessions can be that of the slightest impact to help others be inspired to have these same interactions within their own "sphere of influence" as mentioned in the podcast.

Listen to the Podcast:

Resources from the Podcast

Recommended book from Meghan: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

Recommended book from Emily: White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

Where to get voting information and resources:

Admired artist Danielle Cooke- @Ohhappydani on Instagram

Danielle Cooke's Illustration on how to positively use your "Sphere of Influence":

Mental Health Aide recommendation from Emily:

BEAM is a training, movement building and grant making organization dedicated to the healing, wellness and liberation of Black and marginalized communities.

Support Black-Owned Business:

Other ways to grow and give back to the BLM movement:

Learn, absorb, read, educate, enlighten, take action

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