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She Likes Long Walks on the Beach and Saving our Oceans.

Doing good deeds doesn't always have to be a long drawn out process. You don't need to apply to a hundred different organizations, to start making a difference and volunteer. Take it from Myrtle Beach local, Kaitlyn Irish.

Irish decided to go walk the beach, after a hard day. While walking, she would pick up small pieces of trash, until before she knew it, she had quite the collection. When she got home, she noticed that the number one trash items that she collected were cigarette butts and straws. Although she was extremely frustrated at the laziness of those who refused to clean up after themselves, it gave her an idea.

On June 25th, Irish held her first beach clean up through the FAM Foundation. Not only did she get a large amount of our FAM volunteers to clean up the beach, but this was an open event full of friends, family, and kids. She believes that education is the first step to keeping our ocean garbage-free; not only by teaching children to clean up after themselves and the importance of oceanic life, but by education people on the full cycle of things. That cigarette butt that you throw out of your car window, can just as easily end up on our beaches by rain water or wind.

In a recent interview with our FAM team, she bluntly stated "I like to think people aren't aware they are being jerks to the planet by littering. Hopefully by making them aware of it, it will change their future actions".

Since that first event, Irish has created quite a few signups for our volunteers to get out there and start the process of cleaning our beaches for a brighter future. If you are interested in learning how you can get involved at home, Kaitlyn Irish gives advice on recycling methods, conservation, and creates beach clean up events through her Facebook page "OceanLoving843".

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