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Whether you need advice, or just need a space to vent, use the forum here to make a submission and read stories from others.

Since this whole quarantine started, I'm feeling stressed and isolated. What can I do to combat this dark feeling?- Anonymous 4/2/2020

First, just know you are not alone. Many people go through this when there's been a sudden shock to their routine. The first thing I would recommend would be to keep your mind and body in a routine each day. I recommend starting your morning with a balanced breakfast and at least a 10 minute yoga exercise, there are great workouts on YouTube. Be sure to exercise your mind daily in a creative way, whether that is reading, writing, music, or some form of art. Although we are social distancing, that does not mean you can't keep in touch with friends or family. Set up a couple of Zoom or FaceTime hangouts with your friends and family to keep in touch. I hope this helps, and remember, we are all going through this together.

-A FAM Mentor

My boyfriend and I haven't spent this much time together, ever! We are are sharing a living space, and he wants to be with me all hours of the day. I feel like I need some personal space, but we can't go anywhere. What can I do?-Hana 3/29/2020

Hana, this is completely normal! You need to remember that you and your partner are a team, but still individual people. Explain to him that you value your alone time and independence, so you will be listening to music or doing an activity in another room, but that doesn't mean you are mad or don't want to spend time with him. Although we are indoors, it does not mean you can't still have a date night! Set up a movie night or get your favorite local take out, and put away the phones. If you have a designated time to focus on each other, you will be able to better communicate each other's feelings during all of this. It is also a good thing to continue, when everything is back to normal. Trust me, you two will adjust. 

-A FAM Mentor

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