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Inaugural FAM Seminar - Shoo, Jimmy Choo and ADULTING 101

We've probably all had moments in our lives when we were broke (maybe it's now, maybe it was a long time ago), but hey can you relate? We're made to take "College Prep" English and Math, but no one teaches us how to prep for college, budget, and live on our own. Unless you're blessed with financially responsible parents, no one tells you that blowing $5 every day on Starbucks is fine, charging everything on a credit card and not paying it off every month is a great idea, going out to eat 15 times a week, and [insert other financial trainwreck habits here]. The FAM Foundation could not have been more excited for our inaugural FREE seminar, and finance was the perfect topic. Or as we like to call it: ADULTING.

^ Could this be you? ^

The speaker line up featured Coastal Carolina MBA students and FAM's very own entrepreneur, Meghan Tarmey. Attendees, ranging from early 20's to early 30's, were given a hands on opportunity to learn about filing their taxes and ask questions specific to themselves. From 1099s and Independent Contractors and writing off expenses to employees and 1040s, the seminar covered a lot of ground in the wide world of taxes. We even had attendees with their own businesses learning extra tips and tricks of being a small business owner. Meghan Tarmey explained how to construct a budget suited for any individual, responsible use of credit, and how to cut out silly expenses.

Tonight we all go to bed a little more financially savvy.

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